Quiksilver Eddie Aikau Big Wave 2014-15

Quik Eddie Poster _edited-1

Aloha Everyone,

Here’s the Quiksilver Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational art for the 2014-15 season for those that haven’t seen it in the surf magazines.

Let’s hope they get some waves now.

Had a great time attending the opening ceremony and party.

Many thanks to Glen Moncata and George Kam. We don’t as of now have any posters.

You may be able to ask Quiksilver although I don’t see any for sale on their site. Give them a call.

Best Aloha to All,


6 thoughts on “Quiksilver Eddie Aikau Big Wave 2014-15

  1. I found your piece for the Eddie Aikau 30th annual event in a surf magazine before heading to Maui this past winter – from Canada (will have to check out your work out in Bend, OR when I get chance – or if you get your work into a gallery in Portland would be sweet as well. I have an auto immune disease and was in the process of watching my inflammation expand to scary levels while in Maui . . . then my pal & I transplanted ourselves to Paia and rode to 5000ft up Haleakala (goal is to the top – but I’ll take what I can when barely moving,) and the beautiful north route of Hana Hwy – through bamboo forests and wild bore.

    Look – your colours are great! This poster absorbed so much for me, I really responded to it & I still take a very visceral and positive response to it (not an easy thing when the arthritis flares.) I even looked up Eddie’s life history and wow! – you did a great job expressing his spirit. So I guess I just want to say thanks! I have the cut-out from the surf mag on my bulletin board in my room. At 49 – it’s like you say – art must come through inspiration & I totally appreciate your blog post regarding technique.

    I’ll have to give ‘wet on wet’ oils a try. Btw – nice statement about focus and diminishing need for accuracy (if I said that right?) An important lesson in photography that so many don’t grasp – but it’s a learning process as well.

    Look – I’d like to frame my little 8×10″ magazine cut-out. But it’s thin paper, so I checked online for posters. I’ve requested the Duke paddle board poster from you from 2010 (if available) – please let me know if you have any spare of this as well, and also whatever your price for them.

    Mahalo dude.

  2. For a surfer with over 50 years in the water, this artwork evokes so much soul, stoke, and aloha. It just makes you feel good. I really like all of your work and I’m glad I found you out.

  3. john harrison says:

    Eddie Aikau is a Hawaiian/National/World treasure. His life is inspiring with his positive attitude and concentrated mind set.
    You captured a moment that reflects his passion and spirit of fun!
    Good job, your paintings are always a joy to behold.
    John Harrison

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