Notes on Art Theory

I promised awhile back some some thoughts on art theory for those of you who are artists. While no means comprehensive if it inspires you it’s all good.  A few notes about technique before I get to the more important underlying aspects of art. I paint “wet on wet” a very old simple technique but […]

Pendelton Round Up

Aloha Everyone, Sorry I haven’t posted earlier but I’ve been on the road quite a bit so will try to catch up in the next few days with a couple stories. I had the great pleasure to attend in September the 100th anniversary Pendelton Round Up courtesy of good friends Curtis and Kathryn Baker. We […]

First Friday Art Walk

The Gallery will be open for the First Friday Bend Downtown’ers and  Art Walk tomorrow. Last month we had a visit from Ivan Jackson, a Modoc Indian, from Klamath Falls located  about 2 hours south of Bend.It was a great night and exciting to witness, two masters of their crafts, meeting for the first time […]