Author: Michael Cassidy

Notes on Art Theory

I promised awhile back some some thoughts on art theory for those of you who are artists. While no means comprehensive if it inspires you it’s all good.  A few notes about technique before I get to the more important underlying aspects of art. I paint “wet on wet” a very old simple technique but […]

Pendelton Round Up

Aloha Everyone, Sorry I haven’t posted earlier but I’ve been on the road quite a bit so will try to catch up in the next few days with a couple stories. I had the great pleasure to attend in September the 100th anniversary Pendelton Round Up courtesy of good friends Curtis and Kathryn Baker. We […]

Battle Of The Paddle Hawaii

Aloha Everyone, Here’s one my latest projects. This is for a stand up paddle board race at Duke Kahanamoku Beach at Waikiki. It’s the Rainbow Sandals, Gerry Lopez Battle Of The Paddle. Along with my good friend George Kam we did all of the art and most of the marketing for the event. There will […]